Running to bring both stability and experience to City Hall, Art will work to ensure order in council meetings without the support of a third party. Expediting Council procedures and saving tax payer dollars. Art's time served in the Alberta Legislature as an M.L.A, has provided a wealth of experience on items such as, budget, infrastructure along with health and social issues.  Serving 6 years as the Chair of the Social Care Facilities Review Committee provided the opportunity to travel the province of Alberta inspecting facilities and observing the levels of care being given. Working closely with those charged with providing for Alberta's youth, Art will ensure Education and childwelfare are top of mind at City Hall.

I owe Calgary a great deal and I am ready to pay back by being the most diligent, hard working Councillor.
— Art Johnston

A Word from the Candidate.

I have lived in Ward 13 for 32 years, during that time I have served on the Shawnessy Community Association, coached minor hockey leagues and volunteered on various other community centric initiatives. Being deeply involved in the community while working full-time as part of the Calgary Police Service, allowed me to interact with the citizens of Calgary in a proactive way; teaching crime prevention and gaining a more visceral understanding of the various people and backgrounds that make our city the great place it is to live and play.

Calgary has always been my home base, even when stationed in Germany, Cyprus and throughout Canada, Calgary was home. My children were born and raised here. They attended schools in Ward 13, providing me with a solid understanding of the issues we were facing and still face providing our children with a quality education. I will work tirelessly with all representatives in the educational sector to ensure our children have the resources they need for an education that will best prepare them to take on the future. 

As Your Councillor Art Will:

  1. Work with other Councillors and Mayor to ensure quicker City Council processes without the need for third party participation. Expediting council meetings, reducing tax dollars spent.

  2. Provide the constituents of Ward 13 with a hard working, honest and experienced representative at City Hall

  3. Put residents first by ensuring timely and efficient access to Ward representative.

  4. Put youth first by focusing on sufficient access to K-12 school for the young and vibrant residents of Ward 13.

  5. Ensure cohesive, results based partnerships between all levels of government while working with community groups and advocates.

Leading with Experience.

  • Canadian Armed Forces Army Sgt, Combat Arms -Retired
    • Cyprus, Germany, Gagetown and Calgary
    • NATO Medal Recipient
    • United Nations Medal Recipient
  • Calgary Police Service Patrol Sergeant - Retired
    • Police Leadership and Specialized Training
    • Police Service Award, 20 years of exemplary service
  • Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta
    • Centennital Medal Recipient
    • Chair, Social Care Facilities review committee
    • Safe Community and Neighborhood Act
    • Peace Officer Act and Corrections Amendment Act
    • Distracted Driving legislation