I am running to bring both stability and experience to City Hall

As Your Councillor I Will:

  1. Work with other Councillors and Mayor to ensure quicker City Council processes without the need for third party participation. Expediting council meetings, reducing tax dollars spent.

  2. Provide the constituents of Ward 13 with a hard working, honest and experienced representative at City Hall

  3. Put residents first by ensuring timely and efficient access to Ward representative.

  4. Put youth first by focusing on sufficient access to K-12 school for the young and vibrant residents of Ward 13.

  5. Ensure cohesive, results based partnerships between all levels of government while working with community groups and advocates.

THE current incumbant has failed...

We must address the present situation. The incumbent is not fully engaged and has not been since she ran for a Provincial MLA job and was not successful since being defeated provincially.  The Incumbent has had the worst attendance record in council, uses Photoshop to put her picture into the annual photos of the Police Commission as she could not attend for whatever reason.

The Incumbent complained about the number of committees she is on but wanted them for the high profile it would bring her.  The Incumbent does not follow rules and regulations as proven by being sanctioned in four areas where she acted alone in bringing Police service members to her home for advice and councilling.  The Incumbent was asked to resign her police commission duties and she no longer is involved.

I have spoken to many residents since July 20, 2017 during my meet the residents/ventures...

There were many comments about not seeing the Incumbent for almost 20 years, poor decisions in projects that harm day to day life of our residents.  Promises not kept, saying one thing to community members than voting another way in council. I have nothing personal against our Incumbent, I helped her in her unsuccessful Provincial campaign but I feel she was never interested in being in Council after that.  She lacks the strong work ethic required to represent Ward 13. 

It's time for a change.