Neighbourhood Safety. 

Art was a team Sergeant and had a group of 15 constables that worked the 7 major shifts protecting our communities.  The district work performed by my team involved traffic safety, attending calls to assist residents, crime prevention and traffic enforcement. 


Calgary Caucus Chair

As chair the committee met weekly and shared a common voice on the wants and needs of Calgary.  As Chair Art was the leader of the team that brought 12 new schools in south Calgary and many more for our city.



Art was Author of the Distracted Driving Legislation, this legislation has reduced the number of accidents on our roads thereby reducing injuries and cost.



Art also championed Bill 16 the “Peace Officer Act.” This act put all police other than municipal and RCMP in the same uniforms and put in new laws to regulate the Sheriffs Programs.  The training for the new officers was taken in by the Solicitor General, and provided continuity and consistency for all officers so they could work in all parts of Alberta under the same rules and regulations.


I owe Calgary a great deal and I am ready to pay back by being the most diligent, hard working Councillor.
— Art Johnston


Art volunteered his time for six years supporting Alzheimers programs in Alberta.  He played in Charity hockey games that raised in excess of One million dollars for that organization. Art volunteers at the Calgary Stampede and this year he was a driver for the courtesy car committee. Art also received an honorary award from the Calgary Humane Society.



Art has his security and investigative licence and works at crime prevention while starting a business consulting in Police recruitment, military and Legislative training programs.


Art was Chair of the Heritage Savings Trust Fund and traveled the Province presenting to Albertans the updated version of our investments.  The fund was approximately 12 billion when I was in office and is now 17.7 billion and made 500 million in the first quarter of 2017.

As Your Councillor I Will:

  1. Work with other Councillors and Mayor to ensure quicker City Council processes without the need for third party participation. Expediting council meetings, reducing tax dollars spent.

  2. Provide the constituents of Ward 13 with a hard working, honest and experienced representative at City Hall

  3. Put residents first by ensuring timely and efficient access to Ward representative.

  4. Put youth first by focusing on sufficient access to K-12 school for the young and vibrant residents of Ward 13.

  5. Ensure cohesive, results based partnerships between all levels of government while working with community groups and advocates.